Also here, is the Romkerhall Waterfall, approximately 64 metres in height. Upstream from the waterfall the River Oker is used occasionally by canoeist. Downstream where the water flows faster, the crags left and right of the Oker are popular with climbers. Also downstream of the waterfall is "Betrothal Island" (Verlobungsinsel), which is accessible via a small bridge. The Harz is a hiker's and walker's paradise and is criss-crossed by trails of every conceivable length and difficulty. Many of the longer trails are named: the Goethe Way (Goetheweg), the Kings and Emperors' Way, the Inner German Border Way and the Harz Witches' Path (Harzer Hexenstieg) to name a few. In order to encourage fitness and tourism, the Harzer Wandernadel was founded a few years ago. They established a network of checkpoints and a badge system based on the number of checkpoints visited. Thousands of hikers, young and old, have participated in the scheme. This is a great way to explore the Harz as the checkpoints are sited at places of interest - lofty crags, medieval castles, museums, lakes, viewing points and hilltops. The Wurmberg lies north of Braunlage, in the district of Goslar, and west of Schierke. Its summit is located due south of the Brocken and roughly 400 m (as the crow flies) south of the state border with Saxony-Anhalt. The two mountains are separated by the valley of the Kalte Bode, which in this area is about 660 m above NN.
Torfhaus is a popular tourist village in the mining town of Altenau in the Harz mountains of Germany and lies at a height of about 800 m above sea level. This small settlement consists mainly of restaurants, youth hostels, ski huts and large car parks. It is the highest place in Lower Saxony. Goslar is a medieval town in Lower Saxony and serves as a regional hub to the wider Harz area. It lies at the foot of the Harz Mountains (highest elevation 3,744 feet). Goslar is situated some 150 Miles West of Berlin. The nearest cities are Brunswick, Hanover, and Magdeburg. Goslar is much older than Berlin and worth a visit. If you are interested in history, outdoor pursuits (especially hiking), tranquility and nature, then Goslar is the right spot for you. Braunlage is a town located in the Goslar region of the southern Harz mountains. The Oker Valley (Okertal) can be found approximately 6 km southeast of Goslar. A romantic valley with magnificent rocky scenery and the Romkerhall Falls, it is considered by nature and trekking enthusiasts as the most beautiful valley in the Harz Mountains. The River Oker runs through the this stunning valley, starting in the middle of the Harz National Park[4], at over 900m high and runs in a general northerly direction, for 105 km until it joins with the River Aller at Müden/Örtze near Celle. Historically, the River Oker has formed an important political boundary. It flows through deep rocky ravines and over waterfalls. This is the Oker Valley at its best.
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Camping site Okertalsperre ('reservoir of the Oker-river dam') is located in the centre of the fantastic scenery of the Upper Harz Mountain Range, at an altitude of 425 meter (465 yards), directly on the banks of the reservoir and only a short distance away from the attractive mountain village of Altenau.

The camping site is opened in summer and in winter. It is situated on a peaceful location, where everyone feels welcome and where you can experience a lovely holiday. The surrounding offers many opportunities to experience a lovely holiday, like hiking and biking, Nordic walking, water sports and - in winter time - (cross country) skiing or luging, but it offers also just a chance to relax and recover from your everyday hustle.

We are happy that you took the trouble to find and read our information. We hope to welcome you on one of the finest situated camping sites in the Harz Mountains.

Martin, Hilda, Jurjen and Veronica.
Welcome to the website of Camping Okertalsperre, the camping site in the heart of the Harz mountain range.
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Directly on the borders of the 'Okertalsperre' (the reservoir of the dam at the Oker river valley), situated on an enchanting location in the forests, you can swim, surf, sail, row, fish or just simply enjoy the day.

Camping pitch 80 till 100 m
Camping pitch 60 till 75 m
Surcharge for a place with view Oker
Tent and motor cycle or bicycle
Water connection
Electricity connection

Mobile home, filling and disposal only

Children 2 up till 15 years old

Tourist tax per adult person
Tourist tax per child (5-17 y.)

Dog (must be leashed)
€ 8,00 per day
€ 6,50 per day
€ 2,00 per day
€ 5,00 per day
€ 0,50 per day
€ 0,70 per kWh

€ 6,00

€ 6,00 per day
€ 4,00 per day

€ 2,14 per day
€ 1,44 per day

€ 2,50 per day
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