Campsites in Harz are guaranteed to give you an unforgettable holiday. A campsite in Harz is the ideal base for campers with a love for nature, with the national park itself surrounding your campsite. Harz is home to vast beautiful forests with meandering streams, waterfalls and impressive river valleys. After a days hiking in the countryside, it is a delight to return to your campsite. Harz is an adventure for the whole family! The Harz is the wildest, most rugged and most untouched of the mountain ranges in northern and central Germany. This is partly a result of its geography and cold micro-climate. (The tree line in the Harz is at a mere 1100 metres, roughly half of what it is in the Alps. The Brocken the highest peak of the Harz is treeless even though it is only 1141 metres high). It's no surprise that the Harz is a magnet for motorcyclists from around the world! With hundreds of kilometres of virtually empty mountain roads and more twists and turns that you can imagine, it is the perfect place to ride your bike. Surrounded by forests & wildlife, the Harz is famed for its historic cities, quality wine, sweeping bends, amazing scenery and most importantly a warm welcome!. Once in the Harz you can ride your bike to Torfhaus, northern Germany's biggest bike meet and with its super views towards the "Brocken" mountain it is an absolute must.
Altenau is situated in the middle of the Harz, a region known as Oberharz and is one of the youngest of the seven Upper Harz Mountain towns and received city rights in 1617. At an altitude of 460m above sea level it is nestled in the beautiful Harz Mountains. The Brocken is about 12km east from Altenau. Today Altenau is a holiday resort with a therapeutic climate. It attracts year round tourists, who take advantage of the healthy air quality and the many wellness activities. Altenau is one of the starting points for hikes on the Harz Hexenstieg. The Harz region is a great year-round sports getaway, with plenty of opportunities for hiking, cycling and skiing (downhill and Nordic), golf, sailing, fishing, diving. In fact, there are not many sports that you cannot find in Harz. If you need to just relax and pamper yourself, than Harz offers amazing bad towns with natural springs and a vast collection of wellness programs. So if you fancy a mud bath, or an underground cave spa, or just relaxing in saunas and Jacuzzi than Harz has everything you could desire. The regular influx of visitors in all seasons is testament to the appeal of the Harz. Brockenhaus mit Brockengarten
The Brocken, the highest point of the Harz, offers special facets on history, nature and mythology.
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"Altenau... da wo der Pfeffer wächst!" or, in English: "Altenau... there where the pepper grows!", is the national known slogan for Altenau, the historic 'free mountain city'. Since the opening of Europe's largest herbal park in Altenau, the with herbs covered figurines and statuettes are eye catchers in the town of Altenau, where these figures are a part of the everyday street scene.

The Torfhaus is the starting point for many walks. From the town district of Torfhaus in the National Park Harz, it is only 8 kilometers (5 mile) up the Goethe-weg through undisturbed scenery to Brocken.

Mountain bikers get their money's worth in the Upper Harz: 'Volksbank Arena Harz' offers signposted tracks in a variety of levels.

The leisure organization of Altenau - that includes the DSV Nordic Walking Centre - have composed an extensive network of roads and ski runs. In summer these tracks can be walked, in wintertime you can do cross-country skiing. There is a ski and luge lift at the Torfhaus
The Harz offers mountain bikers every kind of route: from light to extreme, from summit tours to downhill, from short and easy to long and strenuous the right tour for every taste. The network of routes, which is known as the Volksbank Arena Harz, has 74 signposted mountain bike tours including those with auspicious names such as "High Fever ( Höhenfieber) or "Wild Mans Trail, but there is also plenty for families and beginners.
Volksbank Arena MTB trails
Goslar the historical city:

Goslar - a town on the edge of the Harz Nature Reserve
In the historical center, discover impressive testimony to the town history stretching back over more than a millennium. The Old Town, characterized by Romanesque churches, half-timbered buildings and art treasures, together with the disused Rammelsberg ore colliery, is listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site.
Oker river reservoir ship boarding plan
Holiday destination Altenau and Oberhartz (High Harz)
With its gigantic water area and the 260 metre long dam, the Oker River Reservoir is one of the larges reservoirs in the Harz. It is a must for water sports enthusiasts, anglers, hikers and campers with many possibilities for outings and excursions. For example, a boat trip with a magnificent view of the surrounding landscape.
On an altitude of 726 meter (795 yard) the mountain house Hahn Klee is located. It is the year round the ideal starting point for hikes round Hahnenklee-Bockswiese, to Goslar and Clausthal-Zellerfeld. Hahn Klee can be reached per cabin lift and in wintertime by two ski-tows and a children's lift. As an extra attraction for mountain bikers there is a bike park with seven different tracks and a practice track constructed. And also haves the largest summer roddel track of North Europe.
The Boksmountain
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